“Kevin’s Classroom”: Lesson 1

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Kevin’s Classroom: Lesson 1

Welcome to Lesson 1 for Kevin’s Classroom. Grab a coffee or cup of tea. No beer, wine or grog…you might fall asleep!

I know there is a lot of trust involved and I do thank you for that.

I will explain everything as we go along, and keep the Lessons as simple as possible, so you won’t feel lost even if you don’t know much or even nothing.

The only assumption I have to make is you’re computer friendly and OK  browsing online.

The early lessons are the building blocks of your home business. It’s just like starting school when you built on the core subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic.

It’s also like building your new home….a good, solid building of any type relies on strong footings and foundations. And of course, having an experienced and honest builder.

Internet marketing itself is mostly made up of small pieces of knowledge which all come together (like bricks) to make a total package which of course is your home business or small business as it’s often called.

One of the reasons that newbies fail is they treat their new business as a hobby. They haven’t really understood and accepted that they are starting and building a true online business. They have been tricked by the so-called “gurus” into believing they only need 1 hour a week and all they need for success is a computer and Internet access.

How much time you put in is up to you but if you don’t put in enough you won’t learn. You won’t absorb the “pieces of knowledge” mentioned above. I’ll talk about “how much time?” sson when I answer all the questions I raised in a recent blog post.

Internet marketing is “hands on”. You don’t learn to drive a car by sitting on the back seat.

You need to talk to your family and get an agreement that at certain times you need to use the computer with quiet privacy.

Legally, once you start receiving any payment/money, whether it’s from eBay, as an Affiliate or whatever, you need to be at least age 18. There is no upper limit. There are some successful Internet marketers aged 84!

You also must have a PayPal Premier Account, (NOT just a Personal Account) because that’s how you are mostly paid, no matter what form of Internet marketing you are promoting. It’s available in most Countries, and is easy and free to join. PayPal will issue you with a Merchant Account ID.

Later on, you’re likely to need a couple more payment pathways/gateways depending on who the sellers use to pay their affiliates.

PayPal no longer has an affiliate program. They used to have a generous one if you introduced new merchants, but they stopped this a few years back.

Once you have your PayPal Premier Account, and you are logged in, you should click on Profile. This is where you can add, edit or delete credit cards and bank accounts. Some verification is needed.

Also under Profile there is “My Selling Tools”. This is where you come to create and save buttons for Donate, Subscribe and Pay Now, plus others. There is no cost for any of this, and PayPal is very secure with a great help/support system.

Lesson 2 will cover answers to all the questions I listed in my recent blog post. I’m sure most of you can relate to these questions.

After that, I want to share with you the “Basic Principles of Success” or “Commandments” as I sometimes call them. These are really important. If you ignore these, it is almost certain you will not succeed with Internet marketing.

Before I close I want to remind you to have a notebook for recording important stuff like user names and passwords. We all think we won’t forget something but sure enough we do.

Talk soon,
ps “To be a champion you must think, speak and act like a champion!”


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