“Kevin’s Classroom”….Affiliate Marketing

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“Kevin’s Classroom”….Affiliate Marketing…Tips and Tricks.

Just about every Internet marketer from newbie to “top gun” is an affiliate of some sort which can bring huge rewards if done right. There are lots of traps if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you also have to be aware of changes as the Internet constantly evolves.

What worked last year may not work this year and vice versa.

Because of the above and other major issues, Affiliate Marketing will be an important part of  “Kevin’s Classroom” when it starts soon.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

JVZoo is a major and excellent affiliate network and I’m a member myself. Most experienced and successful Internet marketers use JVZoo when launching new products. These marketers greatly depend on affiliates to produce a successful campaign.

After all, they only have one pair of hands and 24 hours in any single day.

It’s very quick and easy to join the JVZoo network, but you have to apply to each seller to be accepted as an affiliate for certain products. If they know you, you probably are set up for
automatic acceptance.

Generally speaking, if you’re a newbie, you will be accepted 1/2 the time. Or the seller might ask you how you plan to promote his/her product. This is another reason why you need a blog or
website as I mentioned recently.

Many JVZoo new products are under US$10. If the seller doesn’t know you, you will mostly be offered 50% delayed commission. So you stand to earn maybe US$5 commission. Delayed means
you get paid after the guarantee period which is usually 30 days from sale.

So you have to ask yourself if US$5 after 30 days is worth your effort!

Where the BIG money (maybe US$500-600) is, is when there are one-time-offers (OTO’s), upsells, downsells and backend sales. This might include a recurring membership.

I will discussing all the above at the appropriate time in “Kevin’s Classroom”.



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