Is it Hard to Make Money Online? PART 1

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My first impulse was to say yes rather than say easy which a large number of false gurus and “experts” tell you 24/7. But I held back.

Internet marketing and making money online by selling stuff means the same thing. It’s now rather complicated and sophisticated not exactly hard but being totally honest for me to explain everything in a few lines, is just not possible.

I started about a year after John Thornhill, selling stuff on eBay and I still think that was a smart decision. John was selling information products mostly digital which means downloadable. I sold physical products and John became my mentor for a while and Liz Tomey after that.

Selling used to be easy. Anybody with even a totally crappy website or blog could make money such as with PPC pay per click advertising. Google started doing huge updates and as a result many websites and businesses got banned or just disappeared overnight.

Google wanted and still insists every visitor to one of their sites has a quality good experience. Also you need to realise Google receives huge payments from advertisers.

Google is king and that won’t change. They have continued with more updates also rule changing often
with little or no warning.

So arising from the above you must always satisfy Google by providing well presented, fresh, quality original information for the Internet is the information highway. Google notices quickly poor quality or copied stuff.

Normally you would be providing your information and marketing stuff at your website, blog, social business pages. If you don’t have any site online then you won’t make sales cos you don’t exist and potential buyers can’t find you. Also you won’t be building your list of subscribers.

You’re competing with an unknown number of other marketers so everything you submit must look good. Be useful and interesting.

You must stand out from the crowd and be different otherwise you’re the same as everyone else and won’t attract buyers or subscribers. You’re just a small fish in a big ocean.

Don’t be alarmed about what I’ve said above and certainly don’t give up because I will help you provided you’re supportive of my assistance and serious about success.

The second big issue for you is the massive growth with mobile phones, apps and social networking.The Internet is exploding with growth in all these areas. I’m sure you know this already.

I’m going to finish here today so I don’t overwhelm you with information. We’ll pick up from here tomorrow. Remember you don’t need to know coding or be an expert with any topic.

In the meantime I want you to think about the type of product you plan to sell. Not the exact item. It helps if this fits in with your work background, education or hobby. So a nurse might promote health and fitness products. It’s only a suggestion!

Your success mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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