Is it Hard to Make Money Online? PART 2

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Is it Hard to Make Money Online? Part 2
Hello again and lets talk about social networking in particular, Facebook is now called Meta as it/us move into a virtual environment.

A very large number of Internet marketers including newbies and many others spend huge amounts of money advertising with Facebook but I’m telling you it’s very difficult to be successful full-time and you can lose a lot of money over a set period.

I remember Anik Singal spent US$500,000 + learning how to get loads of traffic from Facebook in relation to email marketing. So I’m saying don’t do it but tap into the results and success of others.

Anik proved you can get a 40 to 1 ROI (return on investment) with email marketing which is more than all social networking combined. So sending emails is certainly not dead. The reverse is true.

I like Facebook and Messenger but like PayPal and Google you can suddenly get banned or lose your business as Facebook changes the rules (moves the goal posts).

This has happened to a large number of my experienced friends and colleagues. The ONE thing that saved most of them was their Subscriber List. With that and their laptop they were able to bounce back rather quickly.

The next newbie topic is NEW Product Releases which are mostly with WarriorPlus (Warrior Forum), JVZoo or Clickbank. These happen 2 or 3 times daily. Used to be 1 weekly.

Remember ClickBank is NOT a huge warehouse holding some of these new products. It’s a payment processor which allows 1000’s of sellers to advertise and sell in one central place for a % fee.

There are exceptions like whitelisting but affiliates here get automatic approval. You don’t with JVZoo or WarriorPlus. Newbie affiliates in my opinions worry too much about getting approval from sellers.

There are about 83% apparently of businesses which use affiliates covering just about any niche you can think of. There are also many affiliate networks constantly looking for good affiliates. Affiliates are mostly called Publishers across these networks and some have auto approval.

Affiliates have a least 100,000 products to choose from to promote assisted by a dedicated Affiliate Manager in many instances.

 I don’t really understand this, but in the last 10 years,  you can count on your fingers the number of experienced marketers who share this information with newbies. I suppose they are only interested in their own stuff. Or stuff they can make money with.

Regarding these new product releases I mentioned. If you’re a newbie how can you
possibly know about these and understand if any one of these can truly assist you with succeeding.

Most of these will be part of a sales funnel and you also need to understand how these work and how they affect you. This is really important.

According to my 2 year research a while back, the average time for one of these product release sellers to achieve enough income to be able to quit their 9-5 job is about 3 years.

This does NOT mean YOU need to wait 3 more years for success. I will show you soon how you can have high income within about 6 weeks.The reason I mention this is it seems that all newbies are obsessed with getting rich quick. Without buying the “tools” they need and doing as little work as possible.

The main and urgent issue here is, how does what I’ve just been saying above equate with an army of false gurus promising you 24/7 that if you buy their XYZ product/system then you’ll get rich almost immediately and with only 30 minutes of work required daily!.

The truth is they constantly lie, deceive and promise you anything you want to hear, to rob you of your cash. Their sales pages contain false sales figures and false testimonials as proof. I know a lot of marketers but I rarely know the users used as recommendations.

If you’ve been trying to sell online you need to be aware that most products have bits missing and are rarely complete. That’s so you’ll keep buying more stuff to fill the gaps.

I find it sad that this seems to apply to many of the experienced high earning marketers who use the upsells/OTO’s in sales funnels as a means to fill the gaps. Or offer you expensive coaching.

So you buy the car of your dreams but you need to pay extra for the luxury of having wheels.That really sucks!

Your success mentor,
Kevin Johnston
ps You should be getting cash back within 30 days:

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