Is a Heart Attack or Stroke Knocking at Your Door?

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Your Gut Is More Than Just A Digestive Machine Providing The Energy You Need To Survive

Like most, you know that your gut is used to digest foods so they can be used by your body.

Although accurate, this is a grossly simplified definition and is just ONE function your gut performs each day to keep you healthy.

You see, your gut contains TRILLIONS of tiny, friendly bacteria (Probiotics) which are not only important to your health, they are considered by many to be the main driving force for:

– A stronger, healthier immune system

– Acting as your second brain or an important messenger system between your brain and all the organs and cells in your body

– Breaking down and digesting food particles, making it easier for your body to get the necessary nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels

– Returning your body to the fat-fighting machine it naturally is (or wants to be)

And the painful joints…difficulty breathing…poor digestion and bloating…heartburn…irritability…and so on…

If I were you, I would be mad…angry…and downright fed up with the food industry and the lies they have continued to tell you about their products!

You see, a recent study published in the prestigious journal “Nature,” showed that when “bad” bacteria were harvested from overweight men and women and transplanted into lean mice…

…the mice got fatter and fatter and they simply couldn’t get enough food!

Sound familiar?

The fact is: More people leave the table too full to move, because they were unable to satisfy their cravings…


They overate because they simply couldn’t get enough to eat!

No wonder why we have a problem, not only in this country, but around the world!

Here’s the good news: When “good” bacteria were transplanted into the mice, they stayed lean and were able to control their appetite and food intake!

Even the renowned Cleveland Clinic has added their two-cents to the debate on healthy gut bacteria:

According to the results of a groundbreaking research study, their researchers found that “bad” gut bacteria changes the breakdown of certain foods.

…to produce nasty, disease-inducing compounds!

They showed that “bad” bacteria metabolizes meat and eggs differently, therefore leading to clogged arteries and an increased risk for death from a heart attack or a stroke.

So what are you supposed to do?

It’s simple:

You need to hit the reset switch on nature and RECLAIM the health of your gut!

And, like I mentioned previously, here is exactly how you can swap out the “bad,” disease-causing bacteria and replace them with the “good,” friendly bacteria your body needs.

This expert report explains why you must show lots more love for your gut:

Your friend & mentor,

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