How To Make Money Online: Lesson 1 Getting Started – Part 1

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P1100085_0565How To Make Money Online: Lesson 1 Getting Started – Part 1

Recently I posted an honest article I wrote: “What you’ve been told is mostly wrong”. As a result many of you (who have been trying and getting nowhere) have asked for help so they can make money online. Either to add some extra cash to what they earn already or to replace their job entirely.

I want to help you commencing today but I have to re-affirm that it’s a journey not an overnight fix. If you don’t follow my advice, and that from other experts I will tell you about, take action and make changes, then nothing good will result and your life will stay the same.

There are thousands of ways to make money and some of these change as the Internet evolves, and there are new technologies, new products and new methods which make things faster, cheaper or easier. Also you should be aware that even the best software can grow stale and is said to have a use by date.

My approach for this training is to stay with what’s been proven to work and be profitable. At the same time give preference to the methods that make money faster.

You also want:

Methods that are reliable and not “here today and gone tomorrow”.
Methods that will pay you over and over again. Not just one-off sales.
Methods that provide passive income, meaning you’re earning income even while you’re sleeping or away from home. This also means you can budget your bills and household expenses.

You should be flexible and aware that:
What worked last year may not work this year. Look at the fashion industry for example.
Even the best products such as some software, can  “go off the boil”. Meaning buyers have moved on to the next best thing.

Look at the fast-food industry. New burgers, drinks and flavors every day. Same thing for cosmetics, skin care and cleaning products, as examples.

So my message is, don’t get anxious and worry about it. Just be aware and alert!

Let’s go back to “Getting Started”. This a huge topic to cover, so I’ll need to break it up into parts or “edible chunks” as some marketers call them.

I have a couple of exercises for you to do. You might think these are silly or trivial. But they’re not. In fact, the results can open the door for you, to fame and fortune.

Open your mind to all sorts of possibilities. Take Willie Crawford for instance. He’s about 52 and has a passion for cooking. He already has a mailing list exceeding 1 million, and has made a fortune
from cooking as a market niche. Cooking of course is linked with food and nutrition. Which in turn is associated with health and topics like fitness, working out, cycling and fat loss.

One of the marketing concepts I use, and included in these lessons, is throwing lots of ideas around which encourages thought and inter-action even amongst your family or partner. You might see one
or more of these ideas, and say to yourself “I can do that!”


1. Make a list of things you’re good at. You can also include hobbies in this list or things you do for relaxation. This can be almost anything such as cooking recipes, camping, fishing, embroidery or yoga.

2. Make a list of things you would like to be good at. You can include here, skills you could learn to build and grow your Internet marketing home business. This could be photography, writing, product creation or graphic design.

Udemy has 20,000 plus online courses, 6,000 tutors and more than 3 million students. Courses are very cheap, starting around $10. Udemy is constantly inviting people to be new tutors. Maybe that
could be you! Udemy is here: http://bit.ly/1KhwU8E

There is lots more interesting stuff coming your way soon in the form of lessons. I look forward to talking again with you.

Your friend,


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