How to Build a SIMPLE, SCALABLE, and SUSTAINABLE Business

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Hi to all success and freedom seekers,

I’m always looking for new ideas, new products, new training for myself and others (that’s YOU).

I’ve been wondering for a while what David Perdew’s MyNAMS Insiders Club was all about so I asked David directly.

He’s very proud of the Club so was only too pleased to talk about it…!

A person signs up for the 14 day $1 trial to the MyNAMS Insiders Club, and before the trial is over, he/she bypasses the monthly upgrade and jumps straight to the MyNAMS Insiders Club Platinum membership because “this is the best training system” he’s ever found online, he said.

Now, wait a minute, I said.

If that’s the case, I need to know more about the Insiders Club and what makes it so special, because frankly, the NAMS Insiders Club is not exactly on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It seems to be a well-kept secret…

So, I sent David a few questions about the Insiders Club. He was quick to answer…


Me: What is the Insiders Club?

David: That’s the hardest thing to answer because it’s so much. But I’ll give it a shot.

The Insiders Club focuses on three things: TEAM, TOOLS and TRAINING. And our goal is to help people build a SIMPLE, SCALABLE, and SUSTAINABLE business.

Me: Seriously, but what do people get in the Insiders Club?

David: Seriously! It’s a one-stop shop that helps our members achieve those results. We do everything we can to make sure members get everything they need without having to go elsewhere to fill the gaps.

Me: That sounds like a huge site…

David: It is. I’ll go into more detail if you want, but here’s the highlights:

Every Thursday at 1 pm ET, we have a one-hour live mastermind call where we discuss what we’re doing in our business to grow.

Then, we celebrate members’ successes and work on their issues. Live. On video.

We continue the discussion in our very active private Facebook group. People really get to know one another in there and build partnerships and relationships.

In addition, we do a special live training at least once a month on a topic we haven’t covered before. Sometimes, we bring in a partner, but most of the time it’s us doing the training.

Me: Wow, that sounds like a lot already.

David: I’ve only scratched the surface. I haven’t even gotten to the Tools or Training yet. We’ve just talked about the Team.

Me: Training? What kind of training are you talking about?

David: We focus on business fundamentals. You don’t find us getting distracting by blinking lights and shiny objects. And I tell our folks to STOP buying useless stuff.

Use the 12 monthly challenges that we have (with daily tasks) to learn fundamental business techniques like product creation, affiliate marketing, passive income, traffic generation and list building to name a few.

Then, we have about 30 different training courses that we’ve created outside those challenges to dig a little deeper on additional topics like joint venture marketing, optin funnel and tripwire creation, leveraging private label rights, sales funnel creation and much more.

Me: Holy cow! That’s all in training?

David: And much more…I didn’t mention the nearly 1000 tutorial videos we have on technical and process activities.

Me: So, you mentioned Tools. What’s that all about?

David: This is pretty awesome. First, we’ve licensed what we think is the best page builder out there – Beaver Builder, and two of the best templates packages that go with that. Members get that.

Then, we also develop our own solutions. We’re marketers, so we understand what other marketers really want because we want it ourselves.

I have a software development background so I can’t stand letting technology get in the way of making our lives easier.

So, we’ve developed 9 or 10 WordPress plugins and SaaS tools that our members get access to including link trackers, video management and marketing system, automated offer and scarcity creation with timers, robust quiz software and an autowebinar system that sits on our video platform.

Me: Man, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all the stuff you’re offering.

David: Yep, I know. People can look at this and think, “Where do I start?” So, we nip that in the bud. Nothing is worse than analysis paralysis.

We’ve organized all this into a library. Members worldwide have access whenever they need it.

It’s just like going to the New York Public Library. You walk in, look around, and your mind says, “I’ll never find what I want.” But then you see an information desk, and you ask how to find X. The helper says, second floor, aisle 3, shelf B, on the left.

And boom, you’re not overwhelmed any longer and you have your solution.

That’s why people tell us it’s the best deal on the Internet. And it’s also why they stay forever…

Me: What’s the best way to find out more?

David: Got to Insiders Club  and jump on the Annual Membership. That’s the best deal.
Not kidding.


Ok, I’m impressed so don’t think I can add anything to what David said.

This is an amazing resource. You have to hurry though because David told me privately is that the price will be QUINTUPLED soon because they offer so much.

That’s 5 times what it is now…

He’s been building the Insiders Club for 5 years and now he’s ready to unleash it on the world. So, if you get over there fast, you can lock in your special deal.

To your success,

Kevin Johnston

PS: You can get on the Mastermind call this Thursday! Remember, you can get in for the lowest cost possible ($1 Trial) HERE.


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