How To Be Successful: Mini-Course Day 4

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So far we have gone over why you need to get focused and know what you really want. You also know how the subconscious works and how it creates your life.

And in the last section (Day 3) you found out just how powerful your thoughts and beliefs are and why you need to get rid of the negative thinking and negative beliefs that hold you back.

One of the biggest blocks to your success is hanging on to past negative events, negative situations and bad memories. You keep thinking about them and every time you think about them you create more
blocks and you feed your subconscious mind more negative instructions.

You need to let go of those past negative events, negative situations and bad memories, the kind that get you all upset or angry. Some of them may have happened years ago. It may have been something
someone said that upset you, or something they did that you keep thinking about.

When you hang on to these bad memories, when you think about negative situations of the past and keep going over something that happened you don’t allow your subconscious to create new and positive events. It can’t bring you new opportunities, positive people and pleasant memories because you keep telling it that you don’t want to move forward and enjoy life.

Every time you think about the past, you tell your subconscious that you don’t want a new, pleasant and prosperous future. If you keep thinking about negative events you’re telling your subconscious you
want more negative situations.

So now you need to turn things around and you today you let go. So that you move forward, enjoy life, meet terrific people, find new positive opportunities and create a more pleasant and rewarding life, one
filled with happy memories.

When you let go, you open a path for your subconscious to create the success you want.That path is being blocked because you’re hanging on to something that needs to be released.

Every time you think about those bad memories, or that negative situation that happened some time ago, your stomach turns, you get upset, you get angry and you keep having and attracting more negative
thoughts and negative beliefs.

Maybe you think about what someone did. You feel like somebody took something away from you. You ask yourself: “How dare they do that?”

Then you begin to feel like the victim, you start to doubt yourself.  Then you blame yourself and things go from bad to worse. You keep beating yourself up for what happened or what went wrong. Then your mind gets filled with negative thoughts. You keep hanging on, thinking about it over and over again.

You’re upset, you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing, you make mistakes, and you keep thinking about it. In the evening you can’t sleep because you start thinking about it again. You want to do something but you don’t know what to do. You just keep thinking about what happened. The negative thoughts keep coming. You just can’t let go.

But you CAN let go.
And you CAN move on.

You CAN stop beating yourself up. 
You CAN get rid of those negative thoughts.

You’re only hanging on to the past, hanging on to those negative thoughts, negative beliefs and past negative memories because your mind doesn’t know any better. It doesn’t have anything else to think  about. It’s used to thinking about the past; it’s used to replaying those bad memories over and over again. It’s used to playing those thoughts of doubt and beating you up for what happened. It simply
doesn’t know any better.

So what do you do?

Give your mind something better to work with. Let go of those bad memories and negative events that you keep thinking about by giving your mind something else to work with and giving it a new direction.
Give it positive messages and your subconscious will pick up on these new messages.

Remember: your subconscious picks up on the thoughts that are repeated and creates your life based on those thoughts and corresponding beliefs.

When you constantly think about something bad that happened or a negative event, you’re re-creating it in the present moment. Your subconscious thinks you want more, so it will create more negative situations and more bad memories. You create a vicious cycle that needs to be broken today.

The next time you catch yourself thinking about a bad memory or something that happened in the past, let go and release it. You do that by accepting what happened and thinking about what you want now. You are here now, in this moment. Only what is happening today at this time is what matters most.

The past is in the past, leave it there.

By pushing yourself to think about what you want and no longer thinking about what happened you’ll let go, you’ll move forward and you’ll break down those blocks that are preventing you from getting what you want.

When you let go you’ll free your subconscious mind and give it new instructions.You’ll no longer tell it to create more and more negative events. Instead,you’ll tell it to bring you exactly what you want and it

Changes won’t take place right away, but they will happen and you will let go and move forward.

So starting today you stop thinking about the past, you stop playing those bad memories over and over again. Today you begin creating your new future, a bright new future where you have what you want.

Today you let got, you get rid of all those negative thoughts and negative beliefs that hold you back, you remove them from your subconscious mind.

Today you get clear and focused. You discover what you want and you give your subconscious mind the right instructions, so that it brings you what you want – I show you how:

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If you want to let go sooner, and get rid of all those negative thoughts and negative beliefs that are blocking your success, so that they’re no longer on your subconscious mind then start working with a
number of techniques at the same time.

We show you exactly what to do, give you step-by-step instructions walk you through the process so that you remove all those blocks on your subconscious mind and get your powers working for you in a simple easy to use system.

So far over 200-thousand people from every part of the world have worked with Karim’s  system to create the success they want and to banish those blocks, get rid of the negative thinking and
negative beliefs from their subconscious mind.

We’ve put something very special together that you can have today and we know that when you work with this system  you’ll be able to get focused, take charge of your subconscious mind, get rid of the
negative thoughts, let go of all those negative situations and bad memories that you keep thinking about.

You’ll get your subconscious to bring you what you want just by following what we outline:

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We both wish you tremendous success…

Karim & Kevin

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