Good Foods & Bad Foods For Aging

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Foods that accelerate and/or fight aging
Today I want to share with you reports from expert nutritionalists such as Mike and Catherine in relation to “bad” foods that accelerate aging and the “good” foods that protect you against aging.
Because there are several reports and I’m writing a blog article which can’t be too long, I need to provide clickable links to these reports so you can access all reports. And print them if you so wish.
Also sitting to one side are other food topics such as toxins, fat loss, dieting and diabetes.
Look at this: “287 Chemicals in fetal cord blood” (Source: American Red Cross)
See link: http://bit.ly/1VLXveR
Foods that accelerate aging…See link: http://bit.ly/1VLYsnk
“Due to biochemical reactions in your body that occur with every type of food you eat on a daily basis, some foods age you FASTER than your real age, while other foods help to FIGHT aging.
Eat the wrong foods regularly, and you can look and feel 10 or more years OLDER than your real age (not fun!) … but eat the right foods, and over time, you can start to look 5-10 years YOUNGER than your real age.
Three of the processes that go on inside your body that have a MAJOR impact on your rate of aging are called “glycation”, “inflammation”, and “oxidation”. When we talk about aging, we’re not just talking about wrinkles on your skin or how thick your hair is… we’re also talking about factors that you can’t see, such as how well your organs function, and whether your joints are degrading.”
Foods that fight aging..See link: http://bit.ly/1GCyifO
See also…Transformational Nutrition: http://bit.ly/1Lp5q02
Healthy Nutrition Desserts: http://bit.ly/1JwzkhU
A Brand-New Anti-Aging Breakthrough: http://bit.ly/1FYDFv9
Advanced Joint Support: http://bit.ly/1Mltgq3
If you follow all the links above you will gain much useful information.
In my blogs I have recently been discussing aging diseases such as dementia.
Very soon we’ll be talking about fat loss which is about hormones not dieting.
Talk soon,
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