Genuine: Ad Blast To 5 Million Sites + 2000 Guaranteed Visitors

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Genuine: Ad Blast To 5 Million Sites + 2000 Guaranteed Visitors……This package is the real deal! It’s the biggest, baddest package offered and buyers are automatic affiliates which means they can use it also resell it for instant profits directly to their PayPal account.

PLUS: With this Masters Blaster Pack, you’ll get all of SDT’s top producing products for 2015.

Ad co-op for 90 days of promotions
Ezine Blasts to 825,000
Lifetime Solos to 20,000
RSS solos to 20,000
2000 guaranteed visitors
Classy Blast to 5 million sites
Lifetime banner rotations
Video ads plus free commercial production

And..Even comes with Live Mentoring for a year…

Run, don’t walk.

Get info here: http://bit.ly/1O7stPP

+100% INSTANT Commissions meaning you can earn $89.50 deposited into your PayPal account for each and every pack you sell.

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