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IMG_0162-2.jpgFREE Training So You Can Become Successful And Make Money
Much of what you see and read about Internet marketing and especially affiliate marketing is simply not true. Lies and half-truths everywhere.!
Too many “gurus”, too many “experts” and too many marketers who pretend to care about you but in reality just want to sell you more stuff.
I have never seen anywhere someone tell you exactly how affiliate marketing really works. And where to go to find the best affiliate networks and profitable products to promote.
So I’m determined to do what I can to fix that and show you how you really can make money from the Internet or be hugely successful with a different niche (writing?) or business model (dropshipping?).
There is so much information, so many products, and so many ‘experts’ it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to really make money. So most people just start buying and trying one product and gimmick after another…..hoping something….ANYTHING will work. Maybe, just maybe the next product will install itself somehow and generate instant income.
But people just end up wasting time and money until they finally give up because they run out of money, patience, or both. In the background, debts (up to $100,000) are stacking up and family relationships are suffering.
There are 1000’s of ways to make money and/or be successful but about 95% of wannabe Internet marketers are never successful so it’s obvious they’re doing something wrong, need help and some form of good mentoring or coaching.
I can help you and will help you but there is no room for lazy people, dreamers, freebie seekers, and tyre kickers. If you’re keen, motivated, focused, patient and determined to win, then I will help you. It will take time starting from the beginning, because there is a lot to learn and so much to cover.
Note that you don’t need a fancy education just what I said above. I’m amazed at the large number of successful marketers who are school or college dropouts.
You should also note that success is a journey not a destination. Creating wealth or becoming successful are skills to be learned.
You also need to adjust your mindset because many people expect to fail and when they do…..they say there you go..I told you so! Basically they have been tricked by their subconscious mind and negative thoughts.
So we need to share in simple words what’s really important, like how to get started and what happens after that, step-by-step using commonsense and logic.
Also the Internet is changing daily so I need to share info using emails about awesome new products and services, special offers and discount deals which are mostly urgent sometimes only 24 hours.
I can’t send anything and start your free training until you subscribe with your name and best email address then click the link in your confirmation email. Nothing will happen until you give permission for me to send you emails.
I really appreciate you as a future subscriber and team member. We will talk soon about what success really is and what are the attributes of winners. I also want to explain how important it is to use logic and commonsense with any decision or possible purchase. If newbies did that there would be a lot less newbies.
Finally I want you to know that you’re welcome to email me with what help you need or what problems you’ve had.
Best wishes,
Kevin Johnston



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