FREE Guide: How To Turn a $47 PLR Product into $200k Business

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This is pretty amazing but true. David Perdew has taken a $47 PLR product and created more than $200,000 in revenue from it.

You might be thinking…yeah but he must have a technical background and have gotten help.

In this instance that’s not true. In fact when he started he made many mistakes…just like you maybe and countless others starting out.

It wasn’t cheap, but he made a commitment and hired a professional coach.

The first thing the coach told him was “you’re a starter not a finisher” where a starter is someone with a finger in a million pies but never committing and never finishing any task.

So obviously he never left first base.

I’m digressing a bit to help you…just want this message to sink in!

Back to topic. David has created a presentation for you at:


David walks through a case study of how he took a $47 private label rights PLR product, tweaked it a bit, rebranded it, and turned it into a $200k sales funnel.

He doesn’t hold anything back in this training.

It’s been selling nearly every day for the last 4 years. ON AUTOPILOT!

In fact, more than 6000 people have already grabbed this product.

So here’s what he covers in this presentation:

* Exactly what he uses PLR for, and when
* How he makes money with it
* How to determine what kind of PLR to purchase
* Why different PLR packages work for different purposes
* Why high quality PLR is the only way to build this kind of highly converting funnel

This is a jam packed presentation so come with your notebook and a list of what you need to tackle in your business right now.

I’d love to show you how to make more money in your business with David’s help, so click below to get FREE ACCESS to this training for a limited time:


Just want to add 4 comments:
1. In my opinion, PLR is the fastest and easiest way to move into product creation. Bigger profits and you can have your own affiliates promoting 24/7.

2. When you buy PLR you are not the only purchaser. So you do need to do a bit of editing and tweaking like David did. Put your own stamp on the product so to speak.

3. This is an awesome free monthly newsletter you will greatly benefit from:

4. Inexpensive coaching including products:

Wishing you much success,
Kevin Johnston

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