We will show you how to earn $100,000 plus yearly Income

Take $100,000 yearly income as just an example. This is entirely possible even if right now you have little or no experience. Many marketers who completed this step-by-step training are now earning $100,000 MONTHLY which makes them millionaires (7-figure earners)

There’s a link below for personal coaching (ideal for beginners) at a very low price. The  coach assigned to you will contact you usually within 24 hours after your order is processed. Along the way you will see many success stories such as Adeline Sugianto.

Adeline was an engineer but wanted to work from home and enjoy the freedom that financial success brings. She’s now a 7-figure earner (after only 2 years) which means $1,000,000 plus income. She completed the exact same business training I’m offering you today.

Then there’s John Chow and Shagir Hussyin and most likely you’ve heard of these guys. They’re both multi-millionaires but they got their start with this same training and they will tell you so in various videos.

Note from Kevin: We’re now at the start of 2018. This can be the year when all your dreams come true or it can be just another year of frustration and failure. The choice is yours.

Myself and many other experienced marketers can’t  understand why there are so many thousands of people world-wide who are desperate to succeed but so reluctant to invest in proven systems (like this one) and get started on a path to wealth and freedom. Especially at such a low cost.

This email came today from Eric Louviere who’s been offering some special Facebook ads training:

“PS — This is one ability every single one of you should be all over, but I guess there’s a reason why 90% fail in this business. They don’t know a good thing when they see one… and they are just not serious at all. Not one bit. It drives me crazy trying to sift through the pretenders and fakers to find the folks who are super serious to succeed. WHO’S SERIOUS OUT THERE?

So are YOU super serious to succeed?

To go it alone and try to succeed by yourself is almost impossible. It’s like trying to cross a vast desert without water, food and the right equipment!

Back to earning $100,000 or some amount (you decide) which will on a regular monthly basis, pay all your bills plus clothe and feed you.

You must have an expert, friendly coach to show you how in a step-by-step process. That’s what you receive with this coaching: http://kevin-johnston.com/HowToBecomeWealthy

$100,000 yearly has been done by many including Eric Louviere, Harv Eker, Eben Pagan, Anik Singal and Russell Brunson. Also John and Dave below who helped me when I was a newbie. So did Liz Tomey.

It’s also been achieved by other marketers whose names you’ve never heard of. Because they’re ordinary…. it’s not just “top guns” who can earn huge amounts of cash.

Maybe you’re one of the many thousands of people out there trying to earn extra cash or become wealthy. Nothing wrong with that. But the failure rate is very high (up to 96%) and not likely to improve anytime soon.

According to John Thornhill and his partner Dave Nicholson (yesterday) 91% of marketers will fail in 2018.

Don’t let these gloomy stats stop you. Be positive and get motivated. Have goals but several small ones not one huge one. Sometimes chasing success and money plus a huge goal can seem as big as mountains. A good smaller goal could be having a great-looking site online which encourages visitors, gets you noticed and makes you proud.

I remember the huge buzz I felt as I completed these smaller goals. Even as simple as choosing my domain name or installing a banner or an affiliate link.

Becoming wealthy is a process and represents skills to be learned. Tradies like plumbers, carpenters and builders didn’t learn their skills overnight or in one week so newbies must learn patience and stay focused. Not consumed by the dreaded “get rich quick” sickness.

Don’t be alarmed. I am NOT suggesting you need to wait years to learn income generating skills or give up your 9-5 job. You will be shown ways to make money as quickly as possible.  There is also an option to fast-track your income earnings by upgrading.

From the heart, my dearest wish is that you achieve massive success in the shortest time possible.

The very best action you can do right now is to join my mailing list where I can reach you directly. This is 10x better and quicker than blog posts. Here’s the link: http://kevin-johnston.com/TrafficWave30DayTrial

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Every single day I see gold nuggets of information I would love to share with you. It might be a great free product or excellent PDF or webinar invite. Often an urgent response is required so I need to reach you quickly.

I do know the reasons why most people fail but it’s too complex to provide solutions in one blog article because people are different and their situations are different. My short answer is 1. Trust me 2. Read my “make money” blog posts. 3. Stop wasting time and money buying useless courses and products and 4. Make a start…follow me…take action.

Let’s talk some common sense about the people failing.

1. If something is not working then surely it should be obvious to these people that they’re doing something wrong.

2. It’s becoming more and more almost impossible to succeed in any niche (target market) without help which means coaching and business training on offer today.

In the early lessons you’ll learn (with help from your coach) what a niche or business model is and which are the most profitable ones.

3. Becoming wealthy means learning new skills which is doable. The average person doesn’t think and act like a wealthy person which is a major reason they fail. What’s called “limiting beliefs” stops them dead. Refer “Mindset”.

4. Identifying and correctly mistakes is doable. Newbies are scared of making mistakes so they often never start. Wealthy people expect to make mistakes. They embrace them as a learning curve and bounce back quickly from all disasters. Anik Singal is a great example of this.

5. Getting around barriers and obstacles is doable and part of your coaching/business training. We are all faced with these in our daily lives. Successful people see these as a challenge.

6. Newbies or people seeking wealth are often “playing a game” and not serious or passionate about succeeding. I can prove to you that people are “scared of success.”

Back in May 2017, Sam Bakker in a major joint venture with JVZoo, released JVZoo-Academy in several modules. Sam has openly admitted that only about 4% of purchasers would make full use of the package. Even though the promotion was super huge.

According to a report I’ve seen, up to 60% of purchasers of an online digital product have never downloaded and/or installed their purchase!

Recently millionaire coach Eric Louviere, whom I greatly admire, stated that “complete morons are making $millions online”.

Eric wasn’t being rude or offensive. Just pointing out that special education or talents are not necessary for success.

He also said that “about 83% of newbies don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They have no Internet presence. No blog, website or social business page. No plan. No real goals. No product to sell. No subscriber list. No autoresponder.  Nothing. But they still wonder why they’re not succeeding!”.

7. $100,000 yearly is entirely doable or I wouldn’t say so. But you must put in the required mental and physical effort. Plus invest in yourself. There is no lazy or free path to success.

So I encourage you to click the link below and start today. Don’t put it off. Like Mike Litman now very successful. Like Sven Hylten-Cavallius also now very successful. Both lost 7-8 years because they procrastinated and didn’t seek help.


Nobody is going to knock on your front door and say “Hello. I’m here to make you wealthy”.
So get off your couch and change your life forever. You’ll be so stoked!

If you can’t find/borrow a measly $49 to achieve wealth, success and freedom then you’re not a serious player.

Talk soon,
I have added this post extract below to help you further.

Internet marketing meaning the make-money/home business niche has greatly changed. Especially affiliate marketing which is an example of a business model. The how, the method you’re going to use to make sales. Your niche is your target market.

Traditional affiliate marketing is dying and mostly you can’t earn a high income this way, just pocket change.

Can you sell 300 $20 items every single month with commission $10 per item?

Assuming you get paid quickly (which won’t happen) that’s still only $3000 per month not the $10000 per month that 90% of newbies say that’s what they would like.

We’ll talk about this soon but you must separate (in your mind) “want” from “need”. What you want is almost always different to what you really need.

I still recommend affiliate marketing but it’s changed dramatically so your battle plan has to be much different. You need to include sales funnels, sell high priced items and learn how to promote your “backend” because that’s where the biggest profits usually are.

We will teach/show you how you can be successful with the right business model and a profitable niche. The selling is all done for you within the system at the link below.

It’s proven with sales around $115 million and commissions around $75 million. I wish there was an easy way to convince you that you have finally found here what you’ve been searching most likely for several years.

Not all sales funnels are the same. A typical sales funnel has a squeeze page and front-end product at the start (the open end). As the visitor progresses through the funnel, he/she is exposed to a number of offers which is a series of upsells and downsells gradually increasing in price. Every offer must provide “value”.

These are just like OTO’s (one-time offers). The final product is the most expensive…often a membership. Maybe join the “inner circle webinars”. Typically the sellers’ profits increase rapidly through the funnel.

A squeeze page (simple web page) is just an optin form with a bribe/free gift (ebook?) added to “squeeze” the name and email address from the visitor.

The front-end offer has to be irresistible, inexpensive, low risk and of high perceived value (just gotta have it). Price is mostly under $20 and usually $7 or $9. The proceeds from multiple front-end sales go toward the setup costs of the new product/system release. It sometimes happens that the seller takes a loss here knowing that they’ll make it up later.

For an affiliate, funnels offer big paydays, like $350-450 instead of $10. I’ve seen as high as $900.

But of course, you’ve had to be accepted as an affiliate by the seller in the first place. Most sellers use JVZoo then Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s) then ClickBank.

There’s a science/methodology about all this. Call it a pathway if you like. But you’ll be shown these techniques.

A. You genuinely need this coaching/training:


B. Or you can blunder along by yourself and join the other failures.

Let’s talk now about what back-end sales are and why they are critical to you becoming wealthy.

Back-end sales are high-value sales (up to about $50000) which are not part of and separate to the sales funnel. The experienced marketers make their biggest profits here. Your coach will explain exactly how this works.

Offering bonuses greatly increases sales.

95% of online marketers are still trying to make big money selling low-price items (under $30). They’re scared to do otherwise. Also don’t believe a customer will spend $10000 on a single product.

But selling high-price items is only slightly harder and you only need a couple of these buyers each month.

Top-Tier equals High-Ticket items and are products/services mostly between $1000 and $10000. Trained phone sales people… NOT YOU ….do this selling on your behalf and you get paid huge commissions!

It’s all about the value of every offer to the customer. He/she might spend $25000 with you knowing this will add say $100000 minimum to their profits. Also provide freedom and free-up family time and hobbies (fishing, golf).

Recently the sales team helped Dale (Canada?) achieve $49500 sales from just ONE customer of his!

Others like John Chow have achieved $45000 from just ONE customer.

Everyone will tell you it can’t be done. It’s too hard and not possible to sell people $2500, $5000 and $10000 products and systems. People won’t buy them. But it is possible and it’s been done many times.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind always you want regular monthly income that pays the rent, the car and all the bills, puts food on the table, helps with your kids education and allows you to have fun and enjoy life more.

We’ll talk about traffic soon but take note that:
1. Traffic by itself does not equal sales.
2. Traffic comes last. You can’t send traffic to a business that doesn’t exist. You haven’t built it yet that’s why you’re here.

Please join my mailing list (http://kevin-johnston.com/TrafficWave30DayTrial). I want to share my expert knowledge with you. OR go to the sidebar of my blog and enter your details at the subscribe form. These details are always kept confidential.

You’re welcome to email me (kevin@kevin-johnston.com) at any time and tell me where you’re stuck. Maybe it’s getting started. Maybe it’s domain names, shared hosting and cpanel. I found this topic scary when I was a newbie.

I am dedicated to you becoming our next success story.

Your friend and mentor,


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