Email 2 Kevin’s Classroom Training Day 2

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Email 2 Kevin’s Classroom Training Day 2

Hi to all,

The theme for these current email messages is: “Preparing your mind for success”. I know for sure what I will be sending you will blow your mind just as HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7 is blowing me away. It’s not just the action, it’s the sets, scenery and awesome costume design. I’ve watched Week 3 so far and hanging on eagerly for next Tuesday.

Soon we’ll be tackling the “meat and potatoes” so to speak but it’s critical we get the ground work stuff right otherwise you’ll be lost. In recent blog posts I told you about the importance of using commonsense and logic in every action you take.

1. Imagine you’re a typical newbie who decides one day to become an Internet marketer especially in affiliate marketing. Usually the newbie knows very little, and hasn’t a clue where to start and what should happen next. There’s no planning , direction or focus. But the same newbie expects to get rich fast and believes it’s entirely possible because all the scammers, liars, crooks and “experts” have said so.

Now commonsense and logic should tell them it’s all BS and if it’s that easy we would all be millionaires. Gold fever is surely very difficult to treat and cure (shiny object syndrome). So when you’re tempted to spend another $30 – $47 on the next fantastic useless product, stop and think that same money could buy you 2 or 3 $15 Udemy online courses. Maybe social media marketing, Google AdSense and traffic generation.

2. Next topic is emails you receive every day. Possibly 100’s of them that clog up your inbox and junk folders. You should only look at your emails say each Wednesday, except if you’re expecting something important or urgent. Surveys show this will gain you 15 hours weekly which is almost 2 working days.

It’s so easy getting distracted following tempting links in emails unless you stay firm. Otherwise you will find that after 1 year all you will have achieved is reading lots of emails and wasting more money. Absolutely zilch towards building your home biz empire. You should remind yourself often that your time equals money and you can never get back what’s lost.

3. Next topic is goals. Resolutions mostly don’t work but you MUST have goals just be sure they are achievable. Having said that we are all more clever than what we think we are, so make sure you extend yourself. Aim high – Go big!

Studies of university students showed that those with goals were 8x more likely to succeed. Further if you write down your goals you are another 5x (at least) more likely to be successful. Also goals give you direction…an end point to aim for, like a bullseye!

You can’t be half-hearted with goals…you need to eat, sleep and dream goals. Use sticky notes around your home or affirmations, whatever works for you. You have to keep hitting your subconscious with “I can do this..I can do this” so it’s almost like you’ve won already.

Like the couple who wanted a new house. They visited all the display houses and visualized getting a new house. They made it real and possible. Like the lady who did much the same but wanted new furniture and all the extra bits. She could actually see all this stuff in each room of her home exactly as she planned it.

More about goals.
Getting rich overnight is NOT a goal. Becoming wealthy IS a goal but it’s a skill that can be learned over a period of time. Doctors and nurses, plumbers and carpenters, IT people and machine operators, all these good folks had to put in the hard yards plus money of course to achieve their goals. There is no short cut to training, knowledge and wisdom.

If you’re a newbie trying to become wealthy then it must look like a very high mountain to be climbed. So my advice is a number of smaller, one day at a time goals. Depending on your present level of knowledge, your first goal might be getting proper coaching, or a Udemy course or building a blog/website and linking it to social networking. Before this you should have spent time planning and getting direction to where you want to be. Includes examining your competition, This applies also to eBay. 55% of auctions don’t get a bid and the sellers wonder why.

4. At webinars and workshops, 80% of attendees, when asked, will say they want to earn $10,000/month which is $120,000/year.

This is just natural human wishes kicking in, but in the short term it’s not realistic and I don’t recommend it. You don’t try to conquer Mt Everest as your first climb. Plus you have to factor in all your many costs.

It takes a huge number of sales and commissions to reach $10,000 and because you want these average earnings to continue (as passive, repetitive income), it most of all means several high-ticket/big-ticket sales at the end of sales funnel/s. High value is $2500 to $6000 as examples providing commissions of $1000+ per sale. Back-end sales are also very important.

Eric Louviere is a great guy and one of my favorite people. He’s been a multi-millionaire coach for many years and he specializes in coaching those struggling plus complete newbies to achieve very high incomes quickly, selling high-ticket items. He even coaches some to become high-earning coaches themselves in weeks and months.  It’s hard to imagine this confident, dedicated man was once a homeless beggar.

The crunch line with the above is, if you want high earnings you must also sell big-ticket items. Items is not just a single product but includes services as well, such as mentoring within a membership site or even to local small businesses. I haven’t forgotten about product creation and PLR. I don’t want to overload you.

Hope all the above info makes sense. We’ll be discussing it in more detail as we progress with this email training.

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Wishing you much success,
Kevin Johnston

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