Email 1 Kevin’s Classroom Training Day 1

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During last week I sent out the email below to all subscribers on my mailing list. This training will cover everything you need to succeed in any niche Presently it’s free but will cost at least US$47 monthly very soon. These gold nuggets of honest information are worth 10X that amount. Don’t miss out. Subscribe below by clicking one of these links and don’t forget to click the confirmation link in the email you’ll receive.


Email 1 Kevin’s Classroom Training Day 1
Firstly, the main reason I haven’t been emailing you is family health concerns. Two of my daughters are being treated for cancer. My youngest son has mental health issues including panic attacks, bipolar, OCD and ADD.

I’ve backed off from writing frequent articles for my many WordPress blogs. It’s too time consuming. I started blogging to help people and earn some extra money along the way not to become bogged down with full-time research and writing for a large number of blogs..

So a warm and sincere welcome plus congrats for joining my mailing list. You are now in the best place to learn the truth about how Internet marketing and business models like affiliate marketing actually do work. Especially in 2017. The old ways of becoming successful and making money, mostly don’t work anymore.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of ways to make money online. Nobody knows how many because the Internet is constantly changing plus there are new products/systems released daily. Likewise, people have their own preferences as to what is the best business model but the majority agree that affiliate marketing and/or eBay could be the easiest and fastest.

Product creation and membership sites can also mean fast money but require you to have more experience plus more technical knowhow. I’ll be discussing and comparing these later.

You can sell mixed stuff on eBay and have profits in your pocket within a week or so. If you’re really into eBay you might like to pay monthly and have your own store inside eBay with its own URL identifying your store. Stores can be small, medium or large. eBay has excellent tutorials about all this including pricing information.

Years ago eBay’s research showed the average US home had $2500 of saleable items which were no longer used. Just grown out of. There’s instant stuff for you to sell.

If we extend this even further, you can source your products to sell from a reliable wholesaler. In this situation you need to have money to buy products, example perfumes, prior to you selling them on eBay. Your profit is sell price minus buy price. You also must have funds to pay for packaging materials plus pay postage costs before you recoup your money. Remember that real books for example are heavy and therefore your postal costs will be high. So stick with small or light-weight products. I found with my
store that less variety also saved packaging costs. I had too much variety and too many sizes and weights initially.

Wholesalers may or may not be a dropshipper as well. With dropshipping you don’t need to have or pay for stock/inventory. You advertize and sell your product/s on eBay then forward the customer’s order to the dropshipper who completes the sale as if they are you. Items are shipped in plain packaging which does not identify the dropshipper to your buyer. You can supply (if you wish) shipping labels to the dropshipper with your logo.

You don’t have to pay the dropshipper until your customer pays you. So your profit is the difference between the sale price and wholesale price. Minus of course your eBay listing costs.

I don’t want you to become confused, but another scenario still using dropshipping, is don’t use eBay at all. Just sell from your own website plus maybe from a third party such as the Warrior Forum (free to join).

I’ll be discussing all the above with you later. Right now, I’m just throwing some ideas around as a starting point you might like.

1. In relation to Internet marketing, what do you want out of life? What would make you happy? (Example:New car, Money to pay bills)
2. Why choose Internet marketing? What is your end goal? (Example: Stop working or give up current job).
3. Calculate your monthly expenses including car and rent or mortgage payments.
You need to know this so you can choose the best business model which will provide income higher than your monthly expenses. Or maybe you just want to add $500 to $1000 monthly to your current income. You can’t use a business model that won’t provide the earnings you need.

You don’t have to email me your replies but you are welcome to do so. I have set aside email kevin@kevin-johnston.com for any comments, questions or help needed. I’m easy to talk to.

To your success,
Kevin Johnston

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