Don’t Follow The Stampeding Newbies Over The Cliff

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Don’t Follow The Stampeding Newbies Over The Cliff.

Is there a “gold rush” I’ve missed out on knowing about?

When I wrote this I was thinking about big John Wayne and his old Western and Seafaring movies which I still enjoy watching.

Now obviously the “cattle” are all the people who blindly follow “gurus” and so-called “experts” in their desperate rush to succeed which usually means getting rich as quickly as possible.

Here are the main lessons I want you to read and digest:

1. Once and for all, you must accept the fact that getting rich quick rarely exists. As Chris Farrell will verify, becoming wealthy is a skill you can learn over a period of time, just like any other skill.

So your thoughts should be centered on “how can I learn this skill?”. One of my mentors is Aaron Danker who advises “to succeed, you need to learn what you don’t know”.

This is one reason I’ve been promoting Udemy on my blogs. Udemy (http://bit.ly/1KhwU8E) has over 20,000 inexpensive online courses, and are the world’s largest online learning academy (3 million students).

There isn’t a simple 2-line answer to the above question but I do have solutions which have been proven to work.

I’m going to cover these in my new series “Kevin’s Classroom” which is coming up soon.

2. Also once and for all, you must accept that the get-rich schemes/products are disgusting lies/scams aimed at gullible and desperate people who don’t have the knowledge to know better, or are blinded by urgency, or are deceived by fancy copywriting.

I saw one yesterday. It was a “new product release” but the table of “profits” was dated 2010!

You must stop buying scammy products otherwise you are sentencing yourself to a lifetime of frustrations, huge debts, much stress and relationship breakdowns.

I know of 3 people who ended up with debts of $100,000 – $250,000 chasing “magic button” and “silver bullet” schemes which promised riches working just 30 minutes/day.

3. Supposedly 95 newbies out of every 100 fail with Internet marketing. This doesn’t mean though that Internet marketing is too hard.

If nearly all newbies are failing to succeed, then surely they are doing something wrong. So why should you follow and disappear over the cliff. It doesn’t make good sense.

Obviously people are blinded by “gold rush fever”.

4. There is a huge suggestion of great urgency in making a start. You must resist any such pressure and use your time to prepare properly which means several things including planning, learning, setting sensible goals and establishing direction and your business model.

To quote Liz Tomey, world famous popular coach and business expert, you must first decide what you want to sell.

If you hurry, you will make many mistakes like I did and waste time and more money buying wrong or useless products. It takes a long time to gain enough knowledge to realize you’re heading in the wrong direction and make an appropriate U-turn.

5. More than 50% of eBay auctions don’t get a single bid because of mistakes made with 4. above in relation to planning and assessing competition from other sellers.

6. Also these auctions failed because of assumptions made. Sellers assume for example that because their jewelry is beautiful and well-priced, it will sell easily. But maybe there were 79 computer pages of jewelry and their stuff was hidden away on page 37.

7. With Internet marketing, never assume anything ever. I had my Google AdWords account banned because as a new affiliate, I believed a certain seller who showed examples of “tried and proven” AdWords ads on their website.

8. Don’t believe claims made by sellers you don’t know. A good example is OTO’s, one-time-offers. If you don’t buy right now, you’ve lost this great deal forever….supposedly!

In actual fact, this is very rarely true. If you’re not sure, just save to favorites or bookmarks. This way you can always go back.

9. My last piece of advice is: One of the very best ways to succeed, is to follow someone you know is successful, and copy what they did, in that area of Internet marketing where you want to operate…such as selling digital information products, or physical products on Amazon or eBay.

ps Some of my friends have been making big dollars doing the opposite to everyone else. They don’t follow “stampeding cattle”.
pps You might like to pursue copywriting to earn money. Good copywriters once established, are earning $5000-$10000 per job. Alex Jeffreys paid $5000 for just one salesletter when he was getting started. Check this out: http://bit.ly/1CMRhb8


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