Why You Need An Optin Funnel To Make Money

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Your optin funnel is the “front Door” to making wealth.

If you’ve been reading my blog articles, you will know that I’ve suggested Sales Funnels many times as the “must-have” tool. I also said that most likely you’ve put this off because it sounds too technical, difficult or expensive maybe.

The good news is you don’t have to build these yourself or construct the products that go in the funnels. I’ll show you very soon.

Sales funnels have a front-end product, back-end product/s plus 2-4 upsells (OTO’s) and downsells in between.

At the narrow end of any funnel there is always at least one “high-ticket” product. This might be $500 or even up to $5000. Even more sometimes..the seller decides.

At the wide mouth of any funnel where all traffic/prospective buyers enter, the very first action is to offer these people a free bribe (see lead magnets) in exchange for their name and email address. So they will optin.

The free bribe has to have huge value for the visitor. They just have to have it..they would gladly pay for it!

This optin process (joining your subscriber list) is absolutely critical. If it doesn’t happen…the funnel stops.

So today, I’m offering you an excellent “optin funnel”. Just click HERE to get this critical process right.

In case you’re a little confused…not all funnels are sales funnels.

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