Did You Meet Your Goals & If Not Why Not?

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Did You Meet Your Goals & If Not Why Not?

My business friend Erica Leary sent me this message which I’m now passing on to you. Research has shown that you must have sensible goals. Also people who write down their dreams and act them out as if they’re real, are more likely to succeed…up to 60% better.

“It’s Friday!!! woohoo!! So here is a great way to finish the week.

Think about what goals you set for yourself (review them). Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Did you accomplish them?

If you answered yes…..
2. If so, was it or were they aligned with starting your own business or growing your current one?
3. If so, did it make you feel one step closer to freedom?

If you answered no…
2. Why didn’t you accomplish them? Did you not make goals? Or were you too ambitious?
3. What can you do next week to make sure you accomplish your goals?

If you know your overall goal, you should be evaluating it at all times. The best way is to keep a journal – paper or digital copy- where you can actually see your goals written down, where you have had to clarify them!

And then walk backwards. Figure out exactly what you need to do to get to your goals. Once you are very clear you just need to figure out how to get them done.

Don’t ever forget – if you know exactly why you are doing something – the HOW will follow. You will commit and plan until you achieve it. You will get resourceful and make sacrifices. You will do what it takes to get it done – as long as your reason for doing it is so strong that you can’t imagine not getting it done!!

So, make sure your mini goals or milestones are totally aligned to your large goal.
Revise and revise daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – until it’s done and you have created larger goals!

Enjoy your weekend – relax and let your creative juices flow!!

It’s your time in life – make sure you are taking full advantage of it.

Erica Leary
The Life by Design Architect – helping you make your find your way to financial freedom!!!”


Kevin Johnston

ps My message is…small goals achieved are better than large goals never started or finished!

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