Day 14: I have a Huge problem: No Sales

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Day 14: I have a Huge problem: No Sales

As an affiliate marketer, I need to make money. That’s part of what I do for a living.

In addition, I have spent 100’s of hours building and maintaining my blogs. This costs time and money.

I don’t deliberately blog just to make money however. Mostly I blog to inspire people to greatness including being happy, healthy and successful. Basically I like helping people!

If people don’t buy products I promote, I’m OK with that…it’s their choice. What I’m not happy about is people stealing the product information I have provided, using my affiliate links to obtain what they need, then buying direct from the supplier.

My tracking software has shown this is happening every day with all my promotions including JVZoo.

I have heavily promoted domain name & web hosting providers, plus John Thornhill coaching, just to name 2 examples. No sales resulted even though there were a large number of clicks on my links.

This means that either, people have no real interest in the sense of taking action to better themselves or they are stealing sales.

I can’t afford to provide great sites free of cost but I am hesitant to turn my blogs into paid membership sites.

I don’t want to hide the names of the best Internet marketers and likewise the names of really awesome products especially some truly amazing new releases. I would much rather just tell you everything openly and trust on your loyalty to use my affiliate links.

Take eBay for example. I have all the stuff from the World’s top marketers and Powersellers. But how do I protect my information from disloyal thieves?

I may have to use emails, Twitter and Facebook, paid posts or all 4. I haven’t decided yet which are the best ways to pass on truckloads of great info but still maintain my status as a successful affiliate marketer.



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