Coffee, Caffeine and Burning Fat

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You can also get caffeine by drinking coffee and tea, but it may not be as effective at increasing performance and boosting belly fat loss as anhydrous caffeine is.

How exactly does it help in weight loss? Let me explain.

Caffeine has direct influence on your central nervous system, or the system which controls our fight or flight response.

Your central nervous system increases the productions of epinephrine, which (as you may know) stimulates lipolysis, or the process of burning fat for energy..

It all occurs when caffeine binds to specific receptor cells called ß-adrenergic cells.

Caffeine, as research shows, may also increase energy expenditure, therefore burning fat and carbohydrates for energy.. In fact, here is the research to prove it!

Research by Bracco et al. shows just how effective ingesting caffeine is for weight loss.

In their research, they showed a dramatic response in both lean and obese subjects. By simply ingesting caffeine, the subjects showed a PROLONGED thermogenic response through the night. Simply put, they continued to burn energy all night long!

Also, the researchers noted that just by ingesting caffeine, the subjects were able to oxidize more fatty acids and carbohydrates, which were then used later for energy.

From their work, they concluded that caffeine resulted in a significant (as high as 29 percent) increase in fat burning in both lean and obese subjects.

How did they explain the increased weight loss? They theorized it could have been due to the release of epinephrine!

Additionally, research done by Koot et al. showed very similar results! However, they did find one difference that Bracco didn’t include: The metabolic rate (how fast your body burns calories) increased IMMEDIATELY after the caffeine was ingested.

Plus, they determined that the subjects’ metabolic rate stayed elevated for THREE HOURS after the caffeine was first taken. This lead to a 7 percent increase in their metabolic rates!

The end result: More calories BURNED and less BELLY FAT!

You can access the full report here:



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