Affiliate Marketing v/s Product Creation

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And The Winner is …Product Creation

Let’s keep it simple..
You’re in this game to make money..right?

You want recurring income each month..right?

That means you need to sell 100’s of under $20 products EVERY MONTH!

Suppose you’re an affiliate for ClickBank who pay every 2 weeks, and the commission rate is 50-70%. If it’s JVZoo or the Warrior Forum, the average commission is 50%. Super affiliates get more.

But you might have to wait up to 82 days to get paid.

You have to send traffic (usually cold traffic) to your affiliate link but you’re building the seller’s list NOT your own list.

Also YOU as one person, are totally responsible for sending this traffic. You can’t work 24/7 plus your time is worth money and the traffic has a cost factor as well.

This is why most online marketers, including myself, sell products and then promote these from the subscriber lists we have built over time.

When you sell your own products, you get to keep 100% of the profits from the sales you make. I know many marketers still earning money from products they created 5 years ago.

John Thornhill was saying last week he’s still getting paid for products he created 10 years ago. There’s no work involved..it’s been done already. Delivery is automated and support can be outsourced if needed.

You aren’t the only one driving the traffic, you can have an army of affiliates promoting for you. So you can have worldwide exposure 24/7 every day of the year.

There are other benefits like you can use your own products in your sales funnels.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that selling your own products is much more profitable.

Plus every sale is adding to your list. Plus you gain reputation, recognition and win awards.

So would it be safe to say that creating your own products is the best way to build your online business with recurring income which you can automate so it’s passive. Do you agree?

But of course not everyone is confident in creating a product of their own.

HERE is the solution.. A 60-day guaranteed Workshop covering Product Creation in full!
Designed for newbies!

Your friend and mentor,
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