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Hello and welcome to people everywhere who are interested in finding out how to make money online. Or to put it a different way would like to start and build a successful home business as an Internet marketer which means using the Internet to earn money online.

 Today is not a training lesson. I just want to say welcome without dwelling on all the bad things that have happened worldwide during the last 18 months. I want you to get excited and motivated to achieve all the things you want because I will show you.
 But you must do things a certain way otherwise you are doomed to fail. There are protocols, rules and research to consider. It’s important you have a “I can do this” attitude to succeed even if you don’t know anything right now. And suck at everything!
 Internet marketing is a mine field and you will get blown up without a map to cross over safely. There are protocols and rules even if they are not written down. But nearly everyone has “gold fever” and wants instant success with no or little work.
 Becoming wealthy is a journey requiring new skills which can be easily learned if you have a winning attitude and are prepared to work. Everywhere you look sellers are pounding you with ads and emails telling you how easy it all is.
 To begin, there has never been a better time to become successful and there are record numbers of millionaires being created even weekly. The other good news is there are so many excellent sites and new products to help you.
People need money for food, supplies, medicines, bills and staying healthy. They are home a lot more and there’s a huge increase in working from home. They seem to be more Internet savvy, more determined and united to have a better and happier lifestyle for themselves and family.
 I’m sorry this page has not been updated for many months and neither have my WP blogs. It’s partly because of Covid-19, family health problems and also because my large blogs have taken up too much of my time. This doesn’t mean blogging is a bad thing. Right now I need social networking more than I need blogging.
 I think it’s a good idea sometimes to look inwards and readjust our priorities for what we want to achieve. Especially when the Internet changes at lightning speed with so much new information and other stuff to absorb.There are also at least 2 or 3 new product releases each day
 There is a protocol called “The WHY. I suggest you have a home biz journal just for writing down notes and ideas.Including references and website addresses. Even if you’re a total beginner you must ask yourself why you want to be an online marketer. What do you want to achieve? In what time frame? How much money do you need to earn to fund your dreams/goals?
 It’s no good spending time and money with a business model (example: affiliate marketing) if this can never fund your needs. Assuming that your needs are sensible.
 Internet marketing mostly means selling something …..either a product or a service to someone. A service could be insurance or a gym membership for example.
 In the world of selling, it’s very important you understand that what people think they want isn’t the same as what they actually need. So someone dreams of owning a Rolls Royce  when all they really need is a Suzuki.
selling means you find what people really need and supply a product or serviceto fit. You sell your own product or service or you sell someone else’s stuff as an affiliate and get a commission.
 The closest substitute to your own product is PLR which is Private Label Rights which gives you the right to claim ownership as the author. A lot of marketers will tell you that “you can do anything with a PLR product” you’re considering buying but that’s BS and not true at all. I’ll be talking about Resell Rights products later because they are important.

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