#4 Newbie Task: Choose A Profitable Business Model

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A business model is not your niche (target market). It’s the method or path to get from A to B, where A is 0 (you not making money) to B which is success, whatever that means to you, which usually is making extra income or enough money to quit your job maybe..

Also your business model must have capacity to provide the income to pay for your chosen expenses in previous task.

Suppose you want to travel from Place A to Place B.
1. You could fly
2. You could use your car and drive
3. You could go by bus
4. you could go by train

So consider these as “business models” and you need to choose the one that best fits your budget and time schedule.

In the world of Internet marketing, the most common business models are:
1. Affiliate marketing
2. Product Creation
3. eCommerce
4. Membership Sites

From what I’ve told you already, unless you’ve got a list of responsive subscribers that will buy on your recommendation, traditional Affiliate marketing won’t work plus you need sales funnels and sell high-value items, usually $500 to $5000 at the backend.

You also need some experience such as with autoresponders and email marketing.

The choice is yours but I would select Product Creation or eCommerce. Both are performing very strongly and this will continue. We’ll talk about Membership Sites soon but I suggest this could be part of your funnel.

I don’t know what you’re passionate about which could influence your decision.

My suggested plans are:
1. Keep learning about email marketing and list building. Includes offering bonuses.
2. Keep learning about sales funnels and selling high priced items. Includes which products? to put in the funnel/s.
3. Make a start with product creation or eCommerce. Easier with product creation.
4. Niche training coming up.
5. Coaching.
6. I want to get your home biz online asap so you exist, have presence and start getting recognition and VISITORS!

*** I have amazing and awesome stuff coming very soon to show you and recommend. Please support my efforts to help you.

Talk soon,
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