32 Free Health Talks about trauma–my gift to you!

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My friends at HealthMeans have collected 32 talks to help you deal with physical and emotional
challenges after a traumatic event, like a disaster, an accident or a death in the family.

After a traumatic event, people begin to go back to their daily lives, but it doesn’t mean
they’ve completely healed. And, far too often, there are very few resources that address the
emotional difficulties and latent health issues that such events can cause.

These experts will provide advice on helping children cope, anxiety, mindfulness, self-healing,
mold toxicity, even disaster recovery itself.

Get complimentary access to these talks about traumatic recovery now!

These 32 talks are yours INDEFINITELY. Meaning, you’ll gain access once they’re unlocked on
February 12, and retain it for whenever you need to address trauma yourself, or for anyone

No purchase required. No commitment necessary.

Here are 5 talks you’ll want to watch as soon as they’re unlocked (and keep them around

+ Elisa Song, MD: Helping Children Recover
+ Trudy Scott, CN: Natural Disasters and Anxiety
+ Sivan Garr: Practices for Healing Pain from Trauma
+ Anna Cabeca, DO: How I Survived a Hurricane
+ Sean Croxton & Alan Christianson, NMD: Resetting Digestive Rhythm

Even if you don’t have time to learn next week, click below to LOCK IN your access to these
talks, you'll get a login and can then listen when you have time!


Be prepared for trauma and associated anxiety when you have this expert advice on hand!

Your Friend In Health,
P.S. These gift talks will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your
access to them today!

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