#3 Newbie Task: Your MINDSET Determines Your Success or Failure

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Mindset should be considered in 2 Parts:

One of my sayings is: “To become a champion you must think and act like a champion”.

Part 1
To succeed whether it’s becoming wealthy or not, requires that you have a strong determination to win with a nothing will stop me attitude. It’s always I CAN do this!

Plus you expect to make mistakes and learn from them. Also you anticipate meeting obstacles and then finding ways around them. You don’t necessarily have to work hard just smarter.

You accept that you must invest in yourself. Take prominent medical specialists for example. They have undertaken huge expenses, years of study, learning, plus attending many conferences and Summits. Maybe writing books, creating audios, DVD’s as well.

Part 2
This relates to how you think, act, imagine, assume and believe on a daily basis. You might assume something is true when it actually is totally the opposite.

All your life from a very young age you are influenced by what’s happening around you. People close to you, your educators, your family, your parents.

You absorb all the negative stuff plus encouraging positive stuff. What people say, how they act/react in different situations.

You mostly believe what you’re told or what you see happening because you’ve got no reason not to.

It’s all happening every day without you even being aware of it. Maybe you procrastinate because your parents drummed into you never be a risk taker.

I attended a wonderful John Thornhill webinar at the weekend. John said it took 6 years before he felt comfortable resigning his job.

In a survey he ran, around 75% of marketers had not started a subscriber list. Another 75% avoided product creation. In both cases John had products and continuous workshops to teach people how. So lack of knowledge wasn’t really the issue.

Another marketer Jon Bowtell has earned $90 million from eCommerce however it took Jon nearly 8 years to find what worked for him regarding building wealth.

In all these cases it was Mindset ex. procrastination and fear of failure that prevented success.

Marketers are daily being tricked into procrastination and postponing a decision to take action by their subconscious minds.

Entrepreneurs think and act differently. They take action and any delays represent chances and money lost!

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PS Very soon I want to talk about business models to suit your calculation of monthly expenses. Affiliate marketing, eCommerce and membership sites are examples of business models.

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