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Untitled design2_edited-1Recently we’ve talked about the critical importance of truth, trust and belief in relation to you starting and building a great online home business which can add money to your present income or even replace your 9-5 job altogether.
There are certain things you MUST do right at the beginning even if it’s all new to you. Otherwise you can’t ever get started.
Two essential tasks are:
1. Domain names and web hosting
2. Autoresponders
Today’s article is about 1. above and we’ll discuss autoresponders very soon. Autoresponders are about list building, email marketing and automating sales processes.
Hosting comes first and this is mostly shared hosting like 4 people sharing a rented house divide up the cost which makes it cheaper. These are your steps and I’ve tried to keep it simple:
1. Purchase your unlimited hosting and all your domain names from NameCheap here:
I use NameCheap because they are the best, cheapest and most reliable plus you’re treated as a person not just a number. They respond politely to your support queries usually within 1-2 hours. Plus they are the only provider offering 100% uptime. If you need help you are welcome to ask or check their tutorials first.
2. Choose as your domain name and your account will be built around this name. Get a .com extension but if taken already use .net or .org or .biz
You can’t have spaces or special characters only dashes. My name was taken so I had to choose which now has a popular WordPress blog on it called Kevin Johnston’s Blog at
If this is a new hosting account with NameCheap the domain name in 2. above will be FREE. They will email you a “Welcome Letter” within a day or two with your cPanel and FTP information including password which is different to your User Account password. Keep this email in a secure place you won’t forget.
3. Without a domain name (domain) your home business (small business) doesn’t exist and will NOT be visible on the Internet. NameCheap as the hosting provider maintains your Internet location at a certain IP Address which is a series of numbers like a zipcode/postcode. NameCheap will set up your domain with default nameservers.
Nameservers are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System (DNS). They allow using domains/domain names instead of IP addresses. It’s for ease of memory. People can’t remember a series of numbers like 123.97.458.117 for every website address.
4. If you have a domain name with a different hosting provider/domain registrar you can either transfer it to NameCheap or login to your current provider, go to your domain list, select your domain, click on Manage Domain, choose Custom Nameservers and change your existing nameservers to your default nameservers with NameCheap. Don’t forget to SAVE. It can take up to 24hrs to take effect.
Your NameCheap nameservers will look something like: and
5. Now you’ve started building your home business empire, when applying to be an affiliate and asked for your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) you can submit your URL This is very important because more and more sellers, even on Clickbank, are asking for your URL to separate tire-kickers, time-wasters and lazy affiliates.
6. Important hosting PRICE benefits. My yearly hosting renewal bill with NameCheap (for all my sites) is around $78 but my previous providers were costing around $115 to $140. So big saving here. Also as an incentive for my first hosting order the cost was only around $28 for a whole year. What a fantastic saving!. $28 for a whole year then only $78 based on my requirements.
I sincerely hope all the above is useful plus save you money,
Your friend,

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